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     The history of our company begins from the mid-seventies of the last century. As part of the State Enterprise «Aerogeodeziya» the special “Antarctic” expedition N 191 was set up. To support the qualitative topographic and geodesic maintenance of Soviet Antarctic Expeditions there were selected the most competent geodesists, topographers and cartographers. They executed all types of topographic and geodesic works and also new, unique works such as photographic, laser and Doppler observations of the artificial satellites of the Earth, use for navigation the first Glonass and GPS receivers, creation of under-ice bed maps of Antarctica.

    Concurrently with works in Antarctica all types of topographic and geodesic works on the northwest of Russia and West Siberia were carried out. By the state order specialists of the Expedition created and updated several thousands of topographic sheets in scale 1:25000, 1:50000, 1:100000, 1:200000, the large-scale topographic plans of cities such as Saint-Petersburg and other administrative centers. State geodesic, including high-precision levelling and gravimetric networks were created. In the late seventies – early eighties bathymetric surveys of littoral shelf bed and inland water reservoirs were started. We were among the first who started applying the satellite receivers for this purposes. Shelf surveys of seas bathing Russia and surveys of many inland water reservoirs were executed. For the first time in Russia the digital large-scale topographic plan and digital terrain model of such a big city as Vologda were created.

     In 1998 the Expedition N 191 was reorganized into the State Unitary Enterprise “Aerogeodeziya -191”. The works on topographic and geodesic support of oil and gas complex facilities, works on creation and updating of maps in various scales along the pipelines’ routes, works on large-scale topographic surveys of compressor and gas-distributing stations for the following creation of digital topographic plans and 3-D station models, works on engineering and geodesic investigations for designing of construction of industrial facilities were started. The survey “as built” of the main gas pipeline Russia – Turkey “Blue stream” was carried out during the construction for the following creation of electronic version of as built documentation. In the same years the State Unitary Enterprise “Aerogeodeziya -191” keeps on using actively modern devices and technologies – electronic tachymeters, satellite receivers (inclusive real-time mode), digital photogrammetry, digital technologies for creation and updating of topographic plans and maps, 3-D models of objects and terrain. The technology of laser scanning of objects and terrain is adopted. The division of system and application programming that is engaged in creation of GIS according geodesic positioning and intratubal defect detection data is organized.

     In 2002, after the issuance of the Federal law “About state and municipal unitary enterprises” Limited Liability Company “Neftegasgeodeziya” was organized.

Sinitsyn Sergey Sergeevich was the First Director General of “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd from 2002 to 2006.
Sinitsyn S.S. was born in 1950 in Irkutsk Region. In 1971 after being graduated from Leningrad topographic technicum, he started working for Enterprise N 10, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Aerogeodeziya” nowadays. He worked as topographer, editor and party chief in the Expedition N 187. From 1994 he headed the Expedition N 191. From 1998 leaded the subsidiary “Aerogeodeziya – 191” created by himself. Graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University and Leningrad State University of Economics and Finance in-service training. In 1983 -1986 was on business trip in Angola as a teacher. He was fluent in Portuguese.
In 2002 set up and headed Limited Liability Company “Neftegazgeodeziya”. Maintained strategic and operative management in the company. Within 3 years company has become a big modern enterprise, regarded as the foremost authority in oil and gas sector in Russia. By experts’ estimates, “Neftegazgeodeziya” Ltd ranks among big world companies, specializing in engineering investigations and pipeline designing.
Sinitsyn S.S. is author of articles on issues of topographic and geodesic support in oil and gas sector. Winner of the State and departmental awards: Medal of Honor; possessed the title of “Honored geodesist», the title of "Exemplary worker in Geodesy and Cartography”; awarded Diploma of Honor by the Governor of Saint-Petersburg and other Diplomas of Honor from different departments.
The supreme professionalism, determination to creation, excellent organizational skills in combination with open-mindedness and personal charisma always were the distinctive features of Sinitsyn Sergey Sergeevich.
After serious and long-lasting illness Sinitsyn Sergey Sergeevich has ended his days in January 2006. But business built up by him, our memory and devotion of his loved ones will live


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